Business Development

Studies and Research

Our Consulting Services

(Administration, Marketing, Sales , Technology and Information Security)
  • Organizational activities and development of establishments (structuring and restructuring companies, designing the organizational structure, corporate governance, preparing and developing job descriptions, analyzing and classifying jobs, evaluating jobs, Social insurance advice and services....etc).
  • Putting together strategic and operational plans
  • Improving human resource performance using best international practices (talent management, performance management, compensation and benefits etc.).
  • Creating numerous workplace policies, regulations, procedures, and manuals
  • Conducting feasibility studies as well as specialized studies and research in the areas of business development and performance improvement.
  • Obtaining international quality certificates by qualifying firms and facilities (ISO).
  • Information technology solutions and digital transformation consultations
  • Identifying and offering the finest systems, networks, and technology infrastructure solutions.
  • Information security administrative and technical consultations, as well as the development of information security policies and procedures that adhere to international standards and ISO specifications.

Our Training Services

  • We provide our customers with specialized and high-quality training programs in the areas of administration, leadership, finance, and technology, all of which are based on the most up-to-date training approaches......etc
  • Using the best training models, methods, and procedures to ensure that the training process is of high quality and meets the highest recognized standards.
  • We believe that training based on the new concept (learning) is critical, and we emphasize on equipping trainees with competencies rather than just knowledge and abilities
  • We work with companies and establishments to develop training programs with multiple stages that are tailored to the training needs, as well as to track and measure the return on investment in training.
  • We deliver our training classes in a professional setting with adequate resources.
  • The training sessions are conducted by a group of highly qualified trainers using both theoretical and practical techniques, and in accordance with the best accepted criteria for choosing and evaluating trainers' performance, as well as developing training packages
  • We ensure that each training program's practical component rate is at least 60% of the total program time
  • Continuously evaluating the training process from all perspectives in order to develop and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of training programs and increase the rate of return on investment.

Our strategic partners

"Jalal Muslat Foundation for Human Resources Consultancy - Jordan"

- JMuslet

" Professional Management Experiences Center PMEC - Egypt"


" Arab Canadian Academy - Egypt - Saudi Arabia - Turkey"


"Anardis electronic platform - Egypt - Saudi Arabia - Turkey."

- Anardis

" Development Expert Academy - Turkey."


"Yemen Soft Co. Ltd. for Software Development & Consultancy - Yemen."