About Us

We Are A National Firm Specializing In Management,Marketing, Technology Consulting, And Training Programs

To Address The Needs Of Businesses Through A Team Of Highly Experienced Specialists Who Follow The Best Professional Methodology And International Practices. By Combining Advice And Implementation, We Also Contribute To And Assist Companies And Organizations In Growing Their Businesses And Improving Their Performance. We Don't Only Provide Business Strategies To Our Customers; We Work Hand In Hand With Them To Achieve Development, Change, And Capacity Building In Order To Assure Long-Term Success


Providing Integrated Consulting Services And Solutions, As Well As Training Programs, Through Competent Personnel With Specialized Expertise, In Accordance With Scientific Methodologies And International Practices, With Dedication And Professionalism, To Provide Our Clients With More Than They Expect.


Yemen's pioneers in training and consulting .

03. Our Strategic Goals

  • Developing genuine partnerships with our customers, which include companies, establishments, and industrial, commercial, and services organizations.
  • Contribute actively to our partners' ambitions by providing high-quality support and assistance, in order to keep up with developments and rapid changes, and to anticipate the future with administrative solutions that assist our customers in overcoming these challenges and achieving their desired outcomes.
  • Provide integrated consulting and training solutions to our customers based on various studies and research.
  • Using best techniques, standards, and international training practices to improve the training quality of our partners' workforce.
  • Developing local and international strategic partnerships with top consulting and training centers, as well as professional specialists, in order to actively contribute and collaborate in providing the best qualities of combined support and assistance.
  • Using technical approaches, technologies, and updated software systems to achieve digital transformation.
  • Using technical approaches, technologies, and updated software systems to achieve digital transformation.

Our strategic partners

"Jalal Muslat Foundation for Human Resources Consultancy - Jordan"

- JMuslet

" Professional Management Experiences Center PMEC - Egypt"


" Arab Canadian Academy - Egypt - Saudi Arabia - Turkey"


"Anardis electronic platform - Egypt - Saudi Arabia - Turkey."

- Anardis

" Development Expert Academy - Turkey."


"Yemen Soft Co. Ltd. for Software Development & Consultancy - Yemen."